Rocker Girl Gwen Stefani’s Engagement Ring and Wedding


I don’t think Gwen Stefani really cared what kind of ring she was going to get following dating Gavin Rossdale for many decades. This girl waited over the whole period of a six year-old courtship for the man to pop the question up.

In Hollywood years, this is essentially a lifetime. Upon getting her father’s permission, he indicated January 1, 2000 and the answer was an emphatic “Yes!” The jewelry that spawned from the joyous merging was a broad platinum ring with large diamond inserts, which thankfully presides on Gwen’s ring finger.

About September 14, 2002, the couple exchanged vows at a London agency in St. Paul’s Covent Garden. The ceremony was a combination of heritage and individual bits. Gwen wowed everyone with her custom-made pink and white wedding gown created by John Galliano for Dior. The dress, which was created from lace, was mostly white with pink pieces near the bottom of the skirt. A corset over the apparel emphasized her petite figure. A very simple gold and white bead cross legged out of her throat together with a timeless veil topped off the ensemble. Luckily Gwen seemed magnificent since she ended up coming an hour on the ceremony. Gavin waited out because of his bride to look in a white Rolls Royce. Following the ceremony finally began, he was escorted down the aisle by Winston, his sheepdog.

Following the ceremony, guests were transported via double decker buses in the Home House, a private bar. The whole affair was said to be somewhat modest with only 150 near family and friends invited. Afterwards, the couple left to honeymoon in Capri.

Fourteen days later the couple did it again in two vow renewal ceremonies in L.A. Automobiles have been in attendance into the 1st ceremony, together with friends to get the 2nd, both of which were performed a catholic priest. Gwen wore the specific same glorious pink and white dress however accessorized with a pink diamond and tourmaline heart necklace. To top it off, Gwen’s record label manager through an Gigantic celebration for her in his Beverly Hills mansion

Can you imagine trying to plan two weddings spanning across two continents? Forget it!

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