Kings, Prophets and Marijuana

Smoking hash, joint after joint, then attempting to discover an inspiration, whether that be from God, demons or my fried and drained up brain cells was my everyday routine for 6 straight years. From sun up to sundown, the constant buzz in my mind, the concealed within my own sight, the weight in my own heart was that other dimension or alternative reality, a surreal state of mind. Now, I understand that everybody is at a similar state whether off or on medication. Every one has assembled their own reality, or will be trying very hard to escape it.
The beginnings of my journey of faith proved very cryptic and shady. I moved my way, as could be the case of all young people swept up in rebellion and pride. There clearly was a few chasing after the wind and a number of moments of soulsearching and well, some really dumb things too, which I’m not very pleased with. But one needs to admit that in general, hunting and digging in the dirt to get an unskilled person does look that way. It’s precisely the very same with a woman attempting to change a flat tire for the very first time.
Even the clumsiness, the ruggedness and the entire amateur approach to the new quest sprang from the heart of a hungry, unsatisfied young soul. I have therefore frequently missed the importance of this event and its own nature, presuming that a far more educated and orthodox approach would have served me . The longer I study the scriptures and grow in the awareness of spiritual things, the more I realize my’humble’ starts were at their entirety His doing perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it a work of heavenly
When I ponder upon the kings and prophets of old, believing what Jesus said about us being far more blessed than they, for the easy reason that we can view and hear what they so longed for but could not (Luke 10:24), I find myself hearing and seeing things which are truly sensational. And the only real”medication” I’m using here’s that the Gospel.
Possessing a beverage, popping a pill or rolling out a joint is more quicker. Even though appearing tough at start, but talking or only talking to God like a kid is a lot more satisfying and satisfying. Consider it in this way: your trader is God, He is your companion, the”drug” is absolutely free, you can find not any munchies, headaches, or all sorts of bad feeling whenever you”come down”, and it doesn’t stop!
The issue is regulating medication. Given that Marijuana is legal in some regions of the world, you have all these significant corporations and governmental bodies engaged with”regulating” it. That is such a contradictory idea. The entire lot together with medication is to get high. You can’t regulate high. Never have I been aware about somebody smoking or drinking with regard to getting drunk or high and saying something such as:”I shouldn’t have significantly more, I could become too high or drunk”. It’s only after becoming”too high”or even”too drunk”, that you realize that you exceeded limits. The initial urge knows or believes no limits.
Even though I haven’t used any kind of drugs for more than 12 decades and that I simply drink alcohol periodically, maybe a couple of times annually, I haven’t been this intoxicated, this drunk, and this phased out, zoned out, in ease, in calmness, relaxed, high, whatever… See real wealth and treasures are found at the work of this cross, which expresses the very core of the Gospel. Real fullness, pride, royal identity, authority, grace and power are all included in 1 tablet computer: the Gospel, whereby God restored to man most of His wealth. The truth is once injected into our reality can produce intoxicating effects. It’s like falling in love. You drop control. You don’t even desire to restrain. You enjoy the looseness, the freedom, the music at the atmosphere a lot to consider regulating, until a few stuck up friend tells one to cool down, warning of threats you might face, playing the role of a concerned lovedone, pursuing another agenda, which is self promotion, control and manipulation, at the trouble of bringing down others.
That’s the effect of the new wine that Jesus functions. It is way much better than the older. It’s out of the world. And the ones so friends are like the pharisees of age, shutting the door of their Kingdom, not even entering in themselves and not allowing others to enter in. However, God is greater. God is more stronger. His love is more stronger. He is the winner over all, through His grace and candy, sweet work of his Holy Spirit. He’ll bless you! The doors are available now. Jesus is risen! The banquet is ready! Each of babes are all invited. If you qualify as a babe, should you qualify as a kid, in the event that you qualify as a young child, than the door is available for you. Come on in! Come through the gates, can be found in through the scars, are available in through the cross, in the eternal bliss of heavenly extravagant, joyous, powerful, superduper reality of this Kingdom of God! The Kingdom is still here! The Kingdom is now! Thank you Jesus!

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